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By Genre



Waiting in the Wings


Do Me a Favor


Life's A Dance



Wandering Star:
What Happens in Mexico


Wandering Star:
Hustle Into Love



Wandering Star:
Skyrockets in Flight



Cowboy Up



Touch Me, Tease Me



12 Torrid Days of Christmas (Holiday) 



Hot Tubs and
 Hot Hunks





Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire


12 Torrid Days of Christmas (Holiday)


Frosty...The Real Man (Holiday)




Magazine Length Stories

 Evil Overlord's Union



Man Love

 Kobrai: The Serpent King



Paranormal - Shapeshifter

Don't Tempt the Phoenix

Dragon Games:
Snip! Snap! Dragon!
(in Reindeer Games)

Dragon Games II:
Truth Or Dragon


Here Comes Peter  (Holiday)


Dragon Games III:
Hide and Go Dragon


Wandering Star:
The Dragon's Treasure



  Kobrai: The Serpent King


The  Beasthuntress



Paranormal - Angels and Demons

Angel Eyes and Demon Lies





Paranormal - Spirits

Luck Be A Lady (Holiday)


Wandering Star:


Wandering Star:
Bad to the Bone


Paranormal - Vampires

Don't Spank the Vamp



An Unholy Embrace - Print



An Unholy Embrace - EBook



Science Fiction

More Than a Warrior



 Kobrai: The Serpent King


 Evil Overlord's Union






Her Gift Saved His Life and Opened His Heart, But Can the Magic Survive Betrayal and Deception in the Real World?

             Second Chances II:              Do Me A Favor

Available Now


When country music sensation Keeton Metroís plane goes down in a freak mountain storm, his entire crew is killed and he is left barely alive.  He is pulled from the wreckage by a mysterious mountain woman who tends to his wounds and brings him back from the brink of death. 

Favor Rowan has lived on her mountain alone since her beloved mother died.  When she rescues the handsome singer, healing him using a special empathic gift, she doesnít expect to fall head-over-heels in love with him. 

A shotgun wedding propels Favor into Keetonís world, and confused, heartbroken and angry, they both have to decide if what they had on the mountain was nothing more than a false spring, or a cozy, winter promise of a forever kind of love.

**The author is donating a portion of the proceeds to NCL. For more information please go to http://national-coalition-literacy.org.