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Best Selling Book

Second Chances III: Life's a Dance

MOBI ISBN: 9781943853076 / EPUB  ISBN: 9781943853069

Available From Restless Wind Publications

Plus Novel


Print Novel Coming March 2016



A chance meeting between two people leads to an evening of dance, love and memories to last a lifetime.

When Heather meets the dark, handsome Dustin at the Wildhorse Saloon, she has no idea the single dance he asks of her will lead to the most important moment of her life.  But although the connection between them is immediate and powerful, she belongs to another, and all she can take home with her is the memory of a love that can never be.

Dustin St. James lives, breathes and loves music in Nashville.  As one of the most sought after studio musicians around, he has his pick of gigs and of the ladies.  Yet he's knocked off his feet when the purple-eyed Heather dances her way into his life.  Having to let her go leaves a hole in his life and in his heart.

But Fate has plans for these two and when six years later they meet again, the emotions they share have only grown stronger.  Can they struggle through the tangles of the years apart, or will their long awaited dance of love end before it's had a chance to begin?



An emotional love story that will find the reader shedding a few tears, laughing and ultimately cheering.~~~Long and Short Reviews

LIFE'S A DANCE is a noteworthy story about the problem of domestic abuse as well as a touching romance brimming with emotional scenarios and a bounty of fiery passions.~~~Ecataromance Sensual

A fantastic way to end the trilogy, Life's a Dance is filled with humor, romance, and touching emotional scenes. CJ England draws you in and you'll not be able to put this amazing story down.~~~The Romance Librarian


Excerpt from Life's A Dance




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