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Rating & Icon Legend


This rating system and icon legend is to better help my readers choose the books they will enjoy the most.  These estimations have been taken from both reader and publisher input.

*NOTE: My books will always have HEA (Happy Ever After) endings and take place between committed couples.  You will never see multiple partners or ménage scenes in any of my stories.




Magazine Length - Under 5,000

Short Story - 5,000 - 16,000

Novella - 16,000 - 30,000

Category - 30,000 - 60,000

Novel - 60,000 - 100,000

Plus Novel - Over 100,000


Heat Levels

- Sweet or Inspirational

- Some Sexual Situations, but not graphic

- Explicit Sexual Situations, graphically illustrated

- Explicit Sexual Situations, graphically illustrated, perhaps with scenes such as toys, light bondage, oral sex or forced seduction.

- Explicit Sexual Situations, graphically illustrated, perhaps with scenes such as toys, light bondage, oral sex, forced seduction, exhibitionism, same gender sex or a high percentage of sexual content per page count.



Emotion Levels

More sensual than emotional

Some emotion, with strong sensual aspects

Emotional scenes are well balanced with sensual scenes

Very emotional, a real tearjerker.  Grab a Kleenex

Gut wrenching, emotionally powerful.  Buy some stock in Kleenex, you'll need it



A Different World, A Different Kind of Love

                Sacred Bands:                Kobrai the Serpent King

Available Now


Devin has longed to explore the galaxy and see new worlds, but an obscure genetic defect makes it impossible for him to breathe the air of other worlds.  He is relegated to flying surveying runs, mapping those worlds he can never set foot on.  He never expects to crash land on a planet and discover a whole new race.

Kobrai is the leader of the Maji people, a group of shapeshifters who can change into snakes.  He is curious about the possibility of worlds beyond the stars, and when an unconscious alien is brought to him, he is excited to discover his beliefs have foundation.

As Kobrai nurses the injured Devin back to health, they discover a desire that can't be denied.  Both their worlds allow men to come together in passion, but falling for a different species is another thing all together.   Can they push through the fear, doubt and distrust of both their races to find a love that is true?