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On this page are BOTH CJ's Re-Releases and New books for 2017.
For exact publication dates, please see her BOOK LIST
page under the pull down - Available Books.

For Information on Upcoming New Releases, see her New Release page under the pull down - Available Books.


Angel Eyes & Demon Lies
(Expanded Release - Coming February 3, 2017)

Expanded E-book



Anael spends her days bringing romance and passion to those mortals in her care. But love is an emotion she herself has never experienced. That all changes when she meets Orias, whose existence and beliefs are in direct contrast to her own.

Orias has one purpose in life...to use his gift of prophecy and divination to further his master's foul schemes. But when he discovers a forbidden passion with Anael, his priorities are suddenly challenged.

What will happen when their desire is brought to the light? Will they lose all they have together? Or will their love and need for each other make a Valentine's Day miracle come true?


Changes in Paradise
(Expanded Release - Coming June, 2017)


When tragedy strikes, a brother and sister decide that heading south to Key Largo and becoming 'Parrot Heads' could be the beginning of a new life for them both.  When love finds them... they are sure of it.

 When Garrett walks back into Bethany's life after leaving her during the hardest time in her life, can she find it in her heart to forgive him and start anew?

Derek has always been the bad boy in the family.  He wants a new life, but when he gets in over his head he has to rely on an angel on a Harley to help him out of the mess.

In this trio of stories (including a brand new short story), two couples find out that love is more than just a day at the beach.











It's Time to Get Hot and Wet!!!

Hot Tubs and Hot Hunk

Available Now


We all know that shopping can taking the sting out of a bad breakup.  But can buying a hot tub and then accepting a different kind of service from the hot hunk who comes to install it make a girl’s Valentine wish come true?

Once Mandy and Sawyer meet, one touch causes spontaneous combustion, and Sawyer immediately sets his sights on more than just a hot tub install.  As a romance writer, Mandy knows how to write about love, but when she’s confronted by a man who makes her knees go weak, she’s ready to run the other way.

When a mischievous ferret, an ex-boyfriend, and a forgetful father are added into the mix, their lives become even more complicated.  But fate has a way of winning out, and even two commitment shy people can take a chance on a hot and unexpected love.