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MOBI: 9781943853267 / EPUB: 9781943853274

Available Now From Restless Wind Publications

Category Length Novel / $0.99


Sometimes a heartfelt wish can change your life.

When Emma receives a second hand invitation to a most exclusive “Fantasies, Wishes and Dreams” party, she decides to throw caution to the wind and go.

When her hosts—who just happen to be the Gods of Olympus—find out about the switch there is much concern.  After all, the people chosen to come to the ball are all picked for a very special reason, and Emma doesn’t quite fit the mold.

She is blind.

But when Apollo, the god of light and music sees her, his curiosity is aroused.  Though he is initially put off by her disability, he finds himself drawn to her. He decides he will be her personal host for the weekend as well as the god who grants her dearest wish.

But even a god can make a mistake and when Apollo grants Emma the wrong wish, he destroys her trust in him.  Will Apollo figure out what it is that Emma truly wants?  Or will he be blindsided by the truth?



CJ England’s stories are guaranteed to make the reader cry as she captures such deep, heart wrenching moments perfectly, while her sex scenes are hot enough to start fires!
~~~ The Librarians

A love of such intense passionate sensuality, that the reader will have tears in their eyes. ~~~EuroReviews

In Blindsided, Ms. England continues to work her special magic that makes her stories so well-loved by a variety of fans .~~~CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

What a fun, witty and quirky tale of love, acceptance, and orgasmic sex. BLINDSIDED was outstanding .~~~Romance Junkies

A very romantic tale where we are shown one should never assume what another's greatest wish is, and sometimes, just sometimes, love can conquer all. ~~~ In The Library Reviews


Excerpt from Blindsided







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