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Hustle Into Love

MOBI ISBN: 9781943853144 / EPUB ISBN: 9781943853151

Available from Restless Wind Publications

Novel / E-book $1.99


The Second in the Wandering Star Collection

In The Exotic Far East a Sexy Dancer Turns a CEO's World Upside Down.

Dancing is easy for mega-superstar Chantal Montgomery. Relationships…not so much. She’s been wooed by rock stars, princes and billionaires, but hasn’t found anyone she’d want to tango with forever. Her only true friend is her mentor and adopted big brother, Li. He’s the one man on the planet she’d do anything for. That is until Li’s brother Mace waltzes into her life.

Mace D'Avranches has been in lust with his half-brother’s girlfriend, Chantal for years, even though they’ve never really met. When Li asks him to run his casino, The Golden Dragon, while Li goes on vacation, Mace looks forward to helping his brother out. Until he discovers that Chantal Montgomery will be working as his partner.

When Chantal and Mace finally meet face to face, it’s a mixture of fiery passion, confusion and fury. She sets about turning the casino’s entertainment division upside down while he desperately tries to make sure she doesn’t do the same to him.

Can these two strong-willed and stubborn people let go long enough to see the truth dancing before their eyes? Or will that precious gift called love hustle out of their lives… forever.



I loved this story. You could really tell Ms. England spent time in this area. Mace and Chantal were perfect together.  Hustle Into Love had heat and passion and great storytelling.
~~~The Romance Librarian



Excerpt from Hustle Into Love





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