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Snip! Snap! Dragon!

BIN: 07577-02443

Available from Changeling Press

Novella / $3.99


With a fiery Snip! Snap!, a passionate modern day dragon lures his forever mate into the flames.

Weary of the tedium of three centuries of life, Drayce Drakehaven, leader of the London Dragon Clan does something inconceivable. On a dare from one of his brethren, he crashes a Christmas party. Since dragons wonít settle for anything but the best, he chooses the social event of the seasonóthe Christmas celebration at the home of Eadlin Knight, the richest and most sought after woman in the city. But he doesnít expect to look into Eadlinís beautiful eyes and find his forever mate.

Eadlin is tired. Tired of the daily rounds of socializing. Tired of the men who are more interested in her fatherís fortune than her. She longs to find someone special. The one man who can make her heart beat faster. Her soulmate. When she finds her ancestorís diary and discovers her great-great-great aunt was carried away by a mysterious stranger at a family Christmas party, she wonders if perhaps lightning can strike twice. Could she meet her special someone, too?

When Drayce and Eadlinís eyes meet during the holiday festivities, there is an instant snap of connectionÖof passion. But Drayceís arrogance sparks Eadlinís temper, and she wonít fall easily into her dragonís arms. A heated party game may be the only way he can push past her reserves and seduce his lady fair.

But once Eadlin sees the truth about Drayce, will she accept heís the one sheís been waiting for? Or will the dragonís seduction go up in smoke?



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Excerpt from Snip! Snap! Dragon!




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