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Truth Or Dragon

BIN: 07681-02477

Available Now from Changeling Press

Novella / $4.99

Category Length Novel


Will an irrepressible free spirit dare to tame a dragon's heart?

Lucina Bell had thought she and Ryuu Tatsuya had more than a connection the evening they met at her friend, Eadlin's Christmas party. After all, in less than two hours, they'd gone from arguing to kissing to spending time in the butler's pantry. One-night stands weren't her style, but when Ryuu stood her up the next day, not showing for their date at the Christmas arcade at Leicester Square, she thought that was all the previous night had been. Yet she couldn't convince her heart of that.

Ryuu hated the fact he'd walked away from Lucina without a word, but as a dragon prince with secrets he couldn't share, he knew their relationship was doomed before it started. After seeing his clan leader find his forever mate, he realized he wanted that kind of perfect love for himself. And even though he wanted her more than he wanted to breathe, Lucina's scent didn't trigger the mating magic in him. Though he wished with all his dragon heart it did.

When they meet again at Eadlin and Drayce's wedding, one glance stirs the smoldering passions between them. It's all fun and games until Ryuu's shocking secrets are revealed. When a ritual challenge is issued, suddenly the pre-wedding house party erupts into violence. Will learning the truth about her lover send Lucina flying out of his arms, or will she take Ryuu's dare and dance with her dragon forever?




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