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Ms. Rambler sprints into the pub, her cheeks flushed and her arms loaded with notepads. She sees CJ sitting at one of the tables playing with a little paper umbrella.

“Sorry I’m late. I was interviewing a new bartender and I had to give him the full tour and—“ A blush blooms on her cheeks.

CJ laughs and takes a sip of her drink. “Are you hiring him?”

“Hell yeah! Um, I mean, I think he’ll fit in around here. He’s very personable.”

“I bet.” A hunky bartender walks up to the table and drops off two drinks, winks at them and walks away. “Is his name really Hook?”

Ms. Rambler grins, pulling her gaze away from the retreating bartender. “Probably not, but I’m told there’s some romantic story behind the name. He hasn’t told me the tale though. Are you ready for your interview?”

CJ takes another sip of her drink and grins. “Fire away.”

1- If you have an alias or pen name, what is it? 

I have been called many things. (giggle) but I go by CJ England for my romantic writings.

2- Tell us about yourself? 

Here is my bio. You can use what you want from it. LOL

I call myself a gypsy, due to my curiosity and ‘itchy feet’, I’ve spent time in fourteen countries, and have visited forty two states in our own.

Married for 20 years to the same wonderful man, I give my husband all the credit for her writing. "Not only is he a great inspiration for erotic romance, he gives me the ability to concentrate on my writing just by supporting my dream."

Right now, I live in Orlando Florida. The plan for the future is to move to different localities so I can embrace the flavor of each city and then write about it. On the list so far are... Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Key West, and coastal Maine. Lucky for me, Jonathon has wanderlust too! In fact his only complaint about my chosen career, are the eighteen boxes of books I insist that he has to pack around on all of our travels. He is totally for the e-book idea!!!

In my life, I consider myself a "Jill of all Trades". I’ve modeled, competed in rodeo as a barrel racer and trick rider, taught preschool, performed as an actress and singer, served cocktails at Disneyworld, specialized in production work, and got carried away by Spiderman when I worked with him at Universal Studios.

But my best gig ever, has been being a wife and a stay at home mom. I home educated my three kids. My oldest, Jessaca, is a certified massage therapist. Jeramiah, my oldest son is a musician and a songwriter, and my youngest son, Jasiah, who is still in high school, plans to go into production work as a Lighting Design Specialist.

I am a natural empath who uses my gift to try and make sense of my everyday world, and keep track of four ferrets, a turtle and a puppy, as well as my family who is as ‘unique’ and ‘different’ as I am. It is a never ending, and always interesting way to spend my days, and I wouldn't change a second of it.

3- Anything special the readers should know about you? 

My tagline says Follow Your Dreams… and I practice what I preach.

I am often asked where I get my ideas for all the stories I write. The truth is... most of the time they are already in my head, and it's just a matter of figuring out how I can coax them on to paper.

Sometimes they cooperate, and it flows. Other times, they turn stubborn and drag their feet. But eventually, they realize they were born to be written, and give in.

I dream them out. At night, I think of a story line, and let my mind go. As I sleep, my dreams fill in the rest. When I wake up in the morning, if I'm lucky... I have the next part of my book, and all I have to do is flesh it out.

Do I believe the stories I write? Could faeries exist? Can vampires fall in love? Will aliens visit our planet looking for mates? I am a huge believer in possibilities, and have seen and felt too much not to have an open mind.

Even if I don't see something in the real world, I imagine, and it becomes real in my world. The world of my thoughts and dreams. As I have told my kids... the best nation to visit is the imagination. There you can explore ideas and fantasies and dreams. The imagination is a place where anything is possible, and if you want it bad enough... you can make it happen.

4- How long have you been writing? 

I have been writing literally my whole life. I wrote for magazines like Country and Rodale’s, but then went into writing books full time about five years ago.

5- Where do you typically find your inspiration?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a huge imagination. I can be walking down a street and see something and wham… I am off in a day dream. I am very fortunate in that I can take an idea to sleep with me, and most often wake up with a full book the next morning.

Sometimes I will dream up a story while sleeping. The Peacekeeper Journals came from a dream I had when we lived in Idaho. The Mylari Chronicles were inspired by a day dream I had when I was on a dream walk. Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks was inspired by my husband. Here Comes Peter… came from an idea I had while I was bike riding.

6- What genre do you write in? 

I love paranormal and fantasy, but I seem to write contemporaries well too. If you were to check out my web page where I list some of my WIPs, you would see that they pretty much cover most of the genres. I think most of my dreams are a little out of the ordinary so I enjoy writing about creatures and things that most people won’t think of writing about. I think I surprised everybody with my romantic comedy, Here Comes Peter… which is about Peter Cottontail, but according to my readers… it worked!!!

7- Who has influenced you in your writing? 

My four favorite romance authors are Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jane Anne Krentz, and Elizabeth Lowell. They all touch on different aspects of romantic writing, and reading their work has taught me a lot.

When I read Linda Howard for the first time, I saw that our styles were similar. I thought… hey!... Maybe I could do that. Nine books later… I guess I can.

8- What books do you have out? 

My first book was Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks - It is available now from Silk's Vault Publishing, and was released just in time for Valentine’s Day about a couple who aren’t big on commitment who fall for each other at first sight.

Here Comes Peter… was my next book. It too is available now from Silk's Vault Publishing. It is a great story about a very different type of shapeshifter.

The Mylari Chronicles: The Soulmates This story is available from my website. An ancient prophecy comes to life in the erotic tale of the forbidden love between an elven prince and a kidnapped human woman. This is the first epic novel of a series.

Don’t Spank the Vamp It will be available September 2nd from Mardi Gras Publishing. When Dawn, a sculptor meets Aidan, a mysterious vampire, she is inspired to give up her safe boring life and take a walk on the wild side. Toys included.

An Unholy Embrace This will be my first true print book. Published in time for Christmas on December 21 2006 by Under the Moon Publication, it tells the story of Sebastian an ancient vampire who falls in love with Teran, a woman he saves from a brutal rape. Will he be able to win her trust so that they might stay together… forever?

Blindsided Available in late fall from Aphrodite’s Apples. When Emma, a writer meets the god of light and music, Apollo, things definitely heat up fast. But will the attraction last when he finds out that she isn’t as perfect as he?

The Peacekeeper Journals -The Joining - Coming in April 2007 from Whiskey Creek Torrid. The first of a series, this story tells how Kira the Peacekeeper joins with six supernatural leaders to save humanity from evil.

The Peacekeeper Journals II -The Gates of Life - Coming in September 2007 from Whiskey Creek Torrid. The second in the series, this tale expands on the first book as Kira and her Chosen ones fight against demons to restore the balance between Heaven and Hell.

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude One of the Whiskey Creek Torrid Teasers, will be out June 2007. When tragedy strikes, a brother and sister decide that heading south to Key Largo and becoming 'Parrot Heads' could be the beginning of a new life for them both. When love finds them... they are sure of it.

I have some others in the works as well including a Halloween book and a Christmas story that are both under negotiations.

9- Are you doing any signing or appearances soon? 

I went to the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona this year. It was my first time and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I had my first experience with autograph signing and I met a lot of my readers. I also got to know some great authors and look forward to communicating with them through the year!

10- Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 

The best advice I have is to not be afraid to submit. You will never have anything accepted if you don’t take the chance and do it. The second piece of advice I have is NEVER… NEVER… NEVER let anyone change your voice. Taking editing help is one thing. We can all miss stuff and learn things, but don’t let anyone try to convince you to change your style. You are you for a reason. Believe in yourself and write what you feel.

11- Do you have a website or a blog?

My website is http://cjengland.com

I don’t blog because I have a chat list at… http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CJsaysFollowYourDreams/ and I blog on it everyday.

LOL We are a very chatty group and we have a wonderful time together. It is like a chat that never ends. Or if you just want updates… try my Newsletter Only - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CJsDreamtimeNewsletter I also have a My Space page and interact with a lot of people there. I love to make new friends so send me an invite!!!! http://www.myspace.com/cj_england

12- Do you prefer for your fans to mail or email you? 

I love emails. My readers can get in touch with me at… Restlesswindpublication_england@yahoo.com Or they can visit my website, and leave messages in my guestbook.

13- Other than being a writer, did you ever picture yourself doing anything else?

I wanted to be a wife and a mom. I got my wish. I married my best friend, and have three wonderful kids. There is no greater satisfaction than that. Being a writer and having my readers enjoy my work is the cherry on top of a wonderful chocolate cake.

14- If you had time off to do whatever you like, what would you do? 

Travel. If I could I would visit each country in the world. What dreams I would have then… By the end of 2007, I will have visited every state in our nation. Then… its on to the world…

15- Is there a favorite author you haven't met that you'd like to?

Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jane Anne Krentz, or Elizabeth Lowell. Any one of these I would love to sit down and have a drink with and chat.

16- If you have a book coming out soon or just out would you like to give us an excerpt? 

Here is a blurb and an excerpt from my September 2nd release… Don’t Spank the Vamp It is rated… HOT!!!


Dawn is a sculptor who spends more time with her hands in clay than on a man. When her friends take her to a special kind of toy shop, her entire outlook on life changes.

Aidan is a vampire who loves to walk on the wild side. He has existed for over a century waiting for his twin flame... his soulmate to find him.

Dawn is told by the shop's fortune teller that she will find her destiny if only she will reach out and take it. Will she be brave enough to push past the fear and embarrassment and grab hold of a very special kind of love? One that could last forever?

An artist looks for inspiration and when Dawn meets Aidan she is inspired to give up her safe boring life and take a walk on the sexy side. Toys included.


Dawn gave the neckties an experimental tug. She couldn’t move. “I thought you said we were going to use some of your toys. I didn’t see these downstairs.”

Surprisingly, the big man’s cheeks reddened. “Ahhh… It has been a long time for me. And you are the first woman I have wanted to play with in a very long time.” He bent and dropped a kiss on her flat stomach. “I don’t usually keep handcuffs up here, so I had to improvise.”

She giggled at his embarrassment. It was endearing. “So you don’t have any toys, huh?” she teased. “All smoke and no fire?”

His eyes darkened. “I didn’t say I don’t have toys. Just not handcuffs. I always keep a selection up here to show to buyers. I won’t disappoint you. That… I can easily promise.”

She wriggled in nervous excitement. “Then get on with it.”

Aidan laughed. “So curious. All right, love. We will start with this.” Leaning over, he took the last tie and gently placed it over her eyes

Dawn’s mouth went dry. He was going to blindfold her? Her heart pounded faster at the thought. She said nothing as he tied it securely over her eyes.

“Too tight?”

She shook her head. She didn’t know if she could speak. She felt him leave the bed and she could hear a rustling sound.

Then the bed sagged again. She held her breath, waiting… What would he do to her? It felt like forever before she felt a gentle touch on her breasts. It was fleeting at first, but it made her whole body tighten in reaction. Then she felt it again, a longer more erotic touch as it circled her nipples and traced across her breasts.

She moaned and arched her body upwards. The touch was so soft, so erotically sexy, she couldn’t help herself. Over and over again, it traced around her nipples, sensitizing her breasts, before finally flicking across the tips themselves. She cried out, the feeling shooting through her like a tiny bolt of lightning.

He moved then, tickling down her stomach and then up her sides. He touched under her arms and then up her neck. It fleetingly touched her lips and when she instinctively licked at it, she realized that he was teasing her with a feather.

She moaned again as the feather moved back down her body. It made one more stop at her breasts, before tracing down past her belly button, to the hair between her legs. Dawn cried out in surprise when the feather flicked gently through the curls and touched her moist lips. When it teased her clit, heat began to coil in her stomach.

“Aidan…” she moaned.

“I’m here, love.” He swallowed hard as he watched her wriggle on the tangled sheets. Touching her this way made him want to explode and he was very glad they’d already made love once. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to handle this.

He carefully drew the feather through her exposed lips, seeing it gather the wetness that pooled there. Unable to help himself, he bent and replaced the feather with his tongue.

She cried out and lifted her hips instinctively. He groaned aloud. She tasted of woman and heat, along with his own essence. It was the most delicious thing he’d ever had in his life. He sucked and nibbled until her movements signaled her climax was close. Abruptly, he lifted his head.

“Not yet.”

Dawn groaned. “Aidan… please.” Her whole body throbbed with the need to come.

He chuckled. “There is more.”

She whimpered. “But…"

“Shhh…” he whispered. He dropped a kiss on her pouting lips. “Just enjoy.”

She felt him move again and she stiffened as his hand traced down the cleft of her rear to the small wrinkled hole of her backside. Gently, he massaged it, as he carefully covered it with an oil of some kind.

“Aidan…” she said uneasily.

“Give it a chance, love,” he urged. “Remember, you always have your safe word.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. He’d promised he wouldn’t hurt her. She felt something pressing against the rim of her anus. It was cool and smooth and felt about the size of a man’s thumb. It went in easily at first, the lotion he’d massaged into her easing the way, but then she could feel it spreading her, as whatever he’d inserted in her rectum, widened at the bottom.

“This is a butt plug, sweetheart,” he said hoarsely. “It will add to your pleasure, this I promise you.”

What he was doing was exciting to him, she could tell by the sound of his voice. All at once she relaxed again. She loved knowing that she could do that to him.

“What does it do?” she panted out. The feeling of fullness took a little bit to get used to, but it wasn’t unpleasant.”