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It was a while later before Bunny noticed Peter needed another beer.  As Chris pulled one, she drew little hearts on her tray.  “I think he likes me.  Not like those other guys.”

“See, sweetie.” Chris nodded his head.  “Not everyone cares about your past.”

Bunny’s head jerked up.  “He knows?”



Shit.”  The blond rubbed his chin.  “He asked about you last night, and before I knew it I told him everything.  I’m sorry.”

Her heart felt like it was bleeding.  Peter was like all the rest. After just one thing.  And if he could get laid doing it, well that was just an added bonus.  Anger swept through her, driving out any lingering passion.  “Give me his beer.”

Taking a deep breath, she strolled back to Peter’s table. 

He met her eyes and smiled.  “I wondered when you’d be back.”

“Do you still want to go home with me?”  Bunny leaned over, noting how his gaze went straight to her cleavage.

Peter suddenly had trouble with his breathing.  Her breasts were so soft and silky looking.  “Uhhh, yeah.”

“And I suppose you want to get to know me a little better,” she murmured, running a finger over his bottom lip. 

“Yeah, baby.”  He clenched his fists to keep from touching her.  He wasn’t sure why she’d changed her tune so fast, but he was more than willing to play the song.

“And afterwards we can talk.  Really go…deep…into what each other is about?”  She slid her bottom onto the table so her thigh was pressed up against his arm.

“Deep…real deep,” he managed.

Nodding her head, she ran her free hand through his short black hair, mussing it even more than it was.  “You’ll probably want to know all about me.  All the intimate details of my past.  The robbery, my arrest?”

Peter blinked, wondering where she was going with this.  But her hands felt so damn good.  “Anything you want, honey.

“So, you’ll take anything I have to give you?” 

She smiled down at him in a way that made him suddenly want to bolt for cover.  “Yeah,” he said cautiously.

“Good.”  Bunny stood abruptly.  “Then let me start with this.”  Lifting her hand, she dumped his beer on his head.  The room exploded in laughter, but she didn’t stick around for the applause.  She tossed the cup at him and hurried into the back.

Swearing, he wiped the beer from his face.  What had happened to turn the sweet little kit, into a rabid doe?

“Here.”  Chris stood in front of him with a towel.

Peter took it and scrubbed his head.  “What the fuck was that about?”

“My fault I’m afraid,” Chris sighed.  “I made the mistake of telling her you knew about the bank and her arrest.”


“I told you she’s pretty sensitive about it.  What I didn’t tell you was all the guys who’ve come on to her since it happened…well, they only did it for one reason.”

 “The money.”  Peter swore ripely at the thought. 

“Yep.  Thank good ol’ Dex over there.  When she told him she didn’t know where the money was, he told her that was all she was good for.  Turned her off the whole dating thing.”  He glanced at the back room.  “She probably thought since you were new in town, you’d see her for what she is.  A great gal.”

Peter thought about all the money he had stored in the Easter Village Savings and Loan.  He was the richest rabbit in the valley.  “I don’t need the money.  It wasn’t about that.”

“You know that and I know that, but Bunny…”

So much for easy.  Peter swore again as he stood he pushed past Chris.  “Watch the front.  I’m gonna go talk to her.”

“Now, just a minute.”

Controlling his rapidly escalating temper, Peter stopped and turned around.  He knew Chris was just trying to protect his friend.  “I’m not going to hurt her.  I promise.”

Chris narrowed his eyes in a way that made Peter hope the bartender was on his side.  The man was built pretty strong.  “I’ll be close by.  If I hear anything…”

Peter lifted his hands.  “I’ll be careful.”

Turning, he made his way into the back, ignoring the catcalls of the bar patrons.  His eyes swept over the kitchen, but no Bunny.  His sensitive ears heard a noise, and he saw a door slightly cracked open in the corner of the room.  When he pushed it open his heart sank.  She was leaning against the office wall, her knuckles in her mouth as she fought against tears.  She wasn’t being successful; a trail of them slipped down her soft cheek.

He sighed and walked toward her.  Her head shot up in surprise, and her eyes flared hot as she wiped at the tears.  “You’re not supposed to be back here.”

“Bunny, I—”

Get out!

His temper rose again.  Her tears may have ended, but her anger hadn’t lessened.  “I’m not going anywhere until you listen to me.”

“You have nothing to say I want to hear.”  She moved to walk around him.

“I don’t want the fucking money.” 

She stopped dead.  “Not want…”  Then her eyes narrowed.  “Sure.”

He swore.  “I have more money than I know what to do with.  I don’t need yours.”

Bunny wanted to tear her hair out when she heard his words.  “It’s not mine!

A matter of speech!” he roared.  Grabbing her by the shoulders, he shook her…hard.  “I didn’t know about the money before I got here.  I don’t care about the money now.  What I care about is standing in front of me.  If you tell me you didn’t take it, I’ll believe you.”

Bunny blinked at him as her teeth rattled together.  His temper did what a thousand words couldn’t do.  It made her want to trust him.  “I didn’t take it.”


“Fine?  Just fine?”

Peter gritted his teeth at her.  “What do you want me to say, damn it?”  He shook her again.  “I told you before.  I don’t care about the money.  I care about you!”  Pushing her back against the wall, she felt his aroused body press against hers. 

“Thinking of you kept me from sleeping last night.  Your scent drives me crazy.”  He bent and sniffed along her neck, making her skin shiver in response.  When he nibbled the exposed part of her shoulder, Bunny’s knees buckled.  “I want to drag you into the bushes and bury myself in you, until you scream for mercy.”

Oh, God.  The prayer swirled through her mind as his hard mouth came down on hers.  He kissed her as if he’d done so before.  No hesitating or testing the waters.  His kiss was hard and deep, and his tongue plunged into her mouth.  She had no choice but to open for him, and even that wasn’t enough.  With a growl sounding deep in his throat, he hitched her up so his groin was even with her crotch.  Immediately, she felt the throbbing of his cock against her as he moved it, parroting the action with his tongue deep in her mouth.

Damn, she tasted good.  Peter’s heightened senses were filled with her taste, her scent, and her touch.  His whole body throbbed in time with his cock, and his brain shut down to everything but the feel of Bunny in his arms.  He ran his hand up her body and cupped a firm breast, hearing her soft gasp against his mouth.  It fanned his lust even higher as he squeezed and massaged the soft bundle through her tank top.  When she arched against him, he groaned and quickly slipped his hand under her tank and bra.  He took the perked nipple between his fingers and rolled it gently.  She cried out and pressed against him, bringing her hand down to grab at the bulge between his legs.

Peter swore, his eyes darkening to black.  Her hand worked busily, massaging his cock through the white cotton pants he wore.  He’d thought it was impossible for him to get any harder, but she was proving him wrong.  Desperately aroused, he pushed the black mini skirt up around her hips and tore her panties right off her.


***end of excerpt***






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