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Coming Soon from Restless Wind Publications

Plus Novel / $3.99



The first battle to save the world has been won, but the war is just beginning.  Kira, the Peacekeeper and her Chosen set out to answer their next challenge.  Who or what has shut down the Gates of Life?

Mystery and danger follow the company as they seek the answers to these questions. There are forces of evil that are determined that Kira will not complete her mission and they will do anything to stop her.

And what of the mission of her heart?  Will Kira find the man who completes her?  Will Lucas, the wolf shapeshifter, convince her that passion should rule the day, or will Gallegar, the vampire, show her that he truly does own her heart?



A beautifully sensuous fantasy tale that literally leaves me breathless with the sheer magnitude of what Ms. England has created. THE GATES OF LIFE is highly recommended!~~~Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques

The richly developed plot is filled with action and thrills.  This story is so well written  it takes you into the story and won't let you go.~~~Fallen Angel Reviews

An addictive roller coaster of sensualistic proportions. Strap yourselves in for a trip of a lifetime.~~~Romance Junkies

The name CJ England is synonymous with the word excellence when it comes to writing. This gifted author certainly knows how to draw the reader into each of her original stories filled with uniquely depicted characters.~~~Ecataromance

The ultimate mind candy, skillfully blending together fantasy, romance, love and perils of the evil reborn.~~~Enchanting Reviews


Excerpt from The Gates of Life


coming soon




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