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You are human!”

“You keep saying that! Like it’s a disease or something.” She tried to pull away, but Calion held her tight.

“Not a disease, but it is something!” The elf felt frustrated with all the unknowns. Plus, there was the pain in his arm and wound, as well as the need that slammed into him each time he touched her.

He knew the stories about elves who wanted to mate with humans. Tall tales that young males tried to scare each other with. Legends of your cock turning green if you let a human female hold it, or even worse, it falling off if you actually mated with one. But now, with the reality staring him in the face, he didn’t know how to feel. Everything in him wanted to mate with this female, no matter how strongly his mind warned against it.

With another oath, he pushed her back against the wall with his body, letting her feel his arousal. He crushed her mouth with his, taking her head and holding it so he could slant his lips over hers. His tongue probed her soft lips, demanding she open to him. When she did, melting against him, he groaned and devoured her.

The change came so suddenly Talia didn’t know how to deal with it. First angry, then gentle and now angry again. But as his lips mastered hers, she realized she just didn’t care. She knew he was angry for wanting her because she was human, but she didn’t care about that either. He’d rescued her when he didn’t have to and he made her want to totally surrender to a man for the first time in her life.

He’d protected her and then infuriated her and then kissed her so beautifully, she wanted to die from his caresses. She didn’t care he was an elf. When he touched her like this, all she cared about were the feelings that sprang up between them.

Calion groaned when he felt Talia’s arms wrap around his waist. Passion flared as her peaked nipples brushed against him. Wanting, desperately needing, he dropped a hand from her face and took one of the sweet mounds into his hand and squeezed. She arched against him, crying out his name, and her knees buckled. His mouth continued to ravage hers as he held her against the wall. He brushed a thumb over her nipple, bringing it to an even harder point. He shifted, treating the other side to the same mind-numbing pleasure. She writhed against him, moaning into his mouth and he could feel her nails digging into his back. She was so responsive it drove him crazy.

His cock was so hard he hurt, and he wanted to drive himself into her, over and over again. He was blind to everything except his own passion. As he began to unfasten his pants, he heard the faint nicker of a horse. He stopped for a moment, shaking his head, but Talia moved against him and, lost, he covered her mouth with his one more time.

He began to lift the flimsy gown and take her against the wall, when the nicker came again, this time more insistently, and they both froze.

Calion swallowed. He wasn’t sure whether to curse or thank Roch’mellon for his sudden appearance. All he knew was he was in an agony of mating need, something he’d never felt before in all his years of life, and for this woman.


That thought was like a cold shower, and he carefully stepped back from Talia, holding her until she got her legs working. He didn’t look at her as he answered gruffly. “It is my horse. I should go see to him.”

Talia could see him withdrawing from her again, so she lowered her hands and clasped them in front of her, wondering how he could distance himself emotionally, so quickly.

“All right. I’ll wait here.” She was proud her voice came out so steady.

“I will find him and then go to hunt. I will return as soon as I can.”

She nodded soberly. “I’ll be fine.”

“Do not leave.”

Talia had to smile. “I won’t. I’ll be right here when you get back.”

“That is what I am afraid of,” Calion said under his breath as he dropped his hands to his side. He saw she’d heard him by the way her chin came up.

Knowing he needed to get out of there, he turned and left, slamming the door behind him.

This time Talia didn’t watch him go.


***end of excerpt***



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