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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about CJ's books

When will the next Peacekeeper book come out?  How about the next in the Mylari series?  Bondmate?  Don't?

Right now, CJ has several series going at once.  She has decided to restructure herself a little and focus on one series at a time.  As far as specific books are concerned, the next Peacekeeper book should be out in 2016 as will the follow up to the Bestselling Mylari book, Eyes of Fire.  The Don't series will follow next then the other series that have been started.

In the Peacekeeper books, Lucas never seems to get the girl.  When will he find his own sweetheart?

Lucas, the handsome hard-headed werewolf will eventually get his lady, but when is up to the Peacekeeper characters.  Readers seem to enjoy Lucas' trials and tribulations but like all CJ's stories, he will get his happy ending.

How do you choose the names for your characters?  What about the interesting worlds and locations?

CJ says the characters choose their own names.  As she dreams the book, the characters introduce themselves and then evolve as the story continues.  The same goes for the worlds she builds.  An idea is started in a dream and then the world building continues as the tale is told.  As a seat-of-her-pantser, CJ rarely knows how the book will end until she writes it.  It's as much of a surprise to her as it is to her readers.

How long was the longest time for researching for a book you have done?

CJ spends a great deal of time on research on each and every book.  Once an idea has been dreamed, she will take as long as necessary to gather any information that might enrich the story as a whole.  As she gathers the facts together, she adds them to the dream and soon a fuller, more elaborate story is born.  Each book is very different, but the Peacekeeper series has so many legends, history, and obscure fables it is the one that she has probably has spent the most time on, research wise.

How do you keep all your stories straight?  Do you ever mix up the characters?

CJ jokes that she keeps her stories straight as well as she keeps her kids straight.  She doesn't mix up characters in different stories, but she might call the story by the wrong name sometimes. 

How long does it take you to write a book?

That depends on a lot of things.  While this is a career for CJ, she tries to keep her life balanced so her marriage and family are always first in her mind.  Each book is treated differently, so a novel can take two months or two years to write.

What is CJ working on right now?

As of this writing, CJ is working on her new Wandering Star series. Stories which takes place in each of the countries CJ has visited during her wanderings. The first one will come out in summer of 2015.

Miscellaneous Questions

Who is your favorite author(s) to read?

CJ enjoys many romance authors and quite a few have influenced her work.  Several of her very favorites are Jayne Ann Krentx, Elizabeth Lowell, Linda Howard and Julie Garwood.  Her all time favorite author is Nora Roberts, and she believes it was Nora's book, Irish Thoroughbred that set her on the road to being an author.

What genre is your favorite to read?

CJ says she writes what she really loves to read, which is of course, romance.  But she enjoys other genres as well.  Mystery, fantasy, sci-fi and specific Christian authors.  If she tries a story and enjoys the way it is written, then she will add that to her "friend" books.

Can CJ critique my work?

CJ cannot critique or review another's work.  Unfortunately, if she tried, it would take too much time away from her own writing. 

What advice would CJ give to new authors?

First and foremost, always write what you love to read.  If you don't get caught up in your story, how will you expect anyone else to?   Second, don't let anyone tell you what to write.  Choose your own ideas. ..your own dreams.  Allow your voice to grow and mature.  Be yourself in every word you put down.  That will keep your stories filled with the emotional truth that you and you alone can pen.

Can I meet CJ?  Will she come to my city?

CJ does go to conferences, book signings and special appearances, but is very selective in those she does.  And right now she is traveling the world with Cirque du Soleil. Sign up for her newsletter above to get monthly updates on where you might see her.


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