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     Tori stared at the man who stood in the bathroom door, an incredibly sexy grin on his face. She let her gaze travel over his towel-clad form. Easily over six feet tall, he had a hard, powerful body rippling with muscles. When his arm rose to rake his fingers through his shaggy hair, she could see the strength in his chest and forearm. She blinked as she felt a stirring low in her abdomen.
     She bit her lip. He was eye candy all right, with that long black hair, silver-gray eyes and chiseled face and jaw. Everything about him appealed to her on a very basic level. And she had been without for a long, long time. The few times she’d been with Frank hadn’t been that satisfactory. She had chalked it up to wedding nerves or the fact that she just couldn’t feel that way about a guy, but this man was proving her wrong. Was that why she’d come home with him last night?
     She sucked in her breath as he sauntered over and leaning down, pressed a hard kiss to her astonished mouth. Unexpected heat coursed through her at the touch of his caressing lips on hers. Instinctively, her own lips warmed and clung. Without thinking, she reached up to grab his hair and bring him closer. She forgot all about him being a stranger.
     Matt’s body clenched with sudden arousal. Whoa!!! He hadn’t expected his kiss to be tolerated, let alone returned. No fool, he reached down and pulled her tight against him, molding her body against his. He caressed her naked back, enjoying the silky feel of her skin.
     He groaned aloud as she softened against him. God…she felt so damn good. He’d seen everything when he’d undressed her the night before, so he knew the womanly curves the wrinkled sheet hid. For the first time he was tempted to put the job aside and just allow himself to feel. To enjoy. After all, in a way he had the right.
     Cursing, Matt jerked back, ending the thought and the kiss. He was appalled at himself for even thinking about touching her. His job might require him to lie, cheat and steal, but he’d never been in a position to have to bed someone to keep his cover, and he didn’t intend to start with her. If he made love to her, it wouldn’t be because of a lie.
     Tori looked up at the dark stranger, seeing anger on his face war with the desire. Suddenly, she realized she was sitting virtually naked in a bed, kissing a man whose name she didn’t even know. Maybe the tequila hadn’t worn off yet. She blushed…all the way down to her toes.
     “Ummm…” she said softly. “I know this may sound ridiculous…but I don’t know what I’m doing here.”
     He snorted. “I thought that would have been self-explanatory.”
     Tori blushed harder. Oh, sweet Jesus…it was just what she’d feared. She’d slept with the guy. Stricken, she stared up at him. “I don’t even know your name.”
     Matt sighed inwardly. He hated what he had to do, but the way he saw it, he had no choice. He had to get the formula out of Mexico safely. Lives depended on it. If the drug cartel got their hands on the cocaine formula, thousands of people could die if they used the stuff. The woman in his bed was his way out of Mexico, so he had to make this work. Even if it cost him a piece of his soul in the process.
     “Come on, sweetheart,” he said, ignoring his own self-disgust and setting out to charm. “You should know it. After all…it’s the same as your own.”
     A frown touched her face. “Your last name is Roberts, too?”
     “No.” He chuckled at her confusion. “Even in this day and age it’s usually customary for the woman to change her name. Your last name is now Sinclair.”
     She did the guppy mouth again. “What are you talking about?”
     Matt swallowed once, before dropping the bomb on her. “It’s usually what happens when you get married.”
     Tori shot to her feet so quickly, she knocked him off the bed. She dragged the sheet with her, but not before Matt had gotten a glimpse of two perfect white breasts.
     “Are you crazy?” she shouted, wrapping the sheet around her. “We can’t be married. I have a fiancé!”



***end of excerpt***



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