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“That’s it…stroke a little harder.  Up and down.”  The voice was husky in the dark, candlelit room.  “And don’t be afraid to move around a little.  It makes it more enjoyable in the long run.”

There was only labored breathing for a few minutes. 

“There you go…better.  Remember, the human body has a tremendous capacity to experience pleasure.  This will enrich the sensual and emotional aspects of a relationship.  Allow the message of love and appreciation to shine through.”

A rustle was heard in the quiet room, followed by the sound of skin sliding over skin.  “Very nice.  Now, a woman is more in touch with her overall sensuality than a man is.  They want to be shown that they are appreciated for more than sex.  Men tend to be more focused on the physical, but once they discover just how good full body sensuality is…they are easily converted.  And of course…that’s why we’re here.”

A moment later a man groaned loudly. and a woman giggled.

“Damn it, Linda,” Gabrielle Rousseau said irritably as she shot to her feet.  “Stay away from his penis.  This isn’t a porno movie.  It’s not time for him to get aroused yet.”

The woman on the bed frowned.  “It’s kinda hard to ignore when he’s got an erection.  She bent and kissed the naked man she was straddling.  “Isn’t it, Kurt, honey?”

Kurt grinned up at her.  “I don’t mind you paying attention to it.”

“Knock it off you two,” Gabrielle growled.  She rubbed her forehead tiredly as she moved from the chair next to the camera tripod.  She’d wanted a couple that was comfortable with nudity, but their openness towards their bodies and sex did have its drawbacks.  “This is a serious documentary on the benefits of sensual massage.”  She rummaged in an ice chest and uncapped a fresh bottle of water.  “The last thing I need is someone thinking that we’re just screwing around in here.”

Linda played with the hair on her husband’s chest.  “I know.  And we’re glad to be a part of it.  I love the idea of teaching lovers how to enhance their love life through massage.  It’s just hard to keep focus on demonstrating, when his boner is poking at me.”

“Although if you want us to take care of the screwing part, you and the crew can go to lunch early,” Kurt quipped.

Everyone laughed.  Gabrielle marched over and glared at the two.  “We don’t have time for any of that.  You,” she pointed at Linda, “keep your hands away from the ‘good parts’.  Remember what I taught you?  Fan your hands out more.  Move up his body in a soothing motion.  The first step is always to relax.” 

She turned back to the unrepentant Kurt.  “And you…try to keep your mind off sex.  Got it?”

The man grinned.  “Yes, ma’am!”  Then he waggled his eyebrows.  “But remember…you said that once I figured out how good this was…I’d be a changed man.  Well…I’m just changing into a sex fiend!”

The room filled with good humored laughter and even Gabrielle had to smile.

What the hell is going on in here?”


***end of excerpt***






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