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“I am the last Kincade, Justin. There are no more Kincade sons left for you to haunt.”

There was a flicker of something in his eyes, but it was quickly gone. “You are still a Kincade. Your family stole my life, my ship and the lives of innocents. I can never forgive that.”

Her chin went up. “Did it ever occur to you I’m an innocent, too? The same as Lottie or Charlie. How is what you’re doing anything different from what Bridget did?”

Justin cursed loudly. “I am nothing like that witch. My revenge is just. I only take back what was taken from me.”

I didn’t take anything from you.”

“You play at words, Lara Kincade. But your name tells me what I need to know. You are my enemy.”

Her bottom lip trembled—he could see it in the moonlight. Some unknown emotion stirred, but a century of hate squashed it.

“I won’t make it easy for you like my uncle did,” she finally murmured softly. “And I’m not going anywhere. I will make this ship beautiful again. With your help or without it.”

He had to admire her grit. “It will be without.  And I will do everything in my power to sabotage your efforts.”

Anger and sadness warred in her chocolate eyes. “Then I guess it’s war.” She held out her hand to him. “I won’t wish you luck.”

Automatically, he took her hand, noting while it was small and feminine, it was also callused and strong. Without thinking, he bent and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “I don’t need luck.”

Her gasp made him go very still. Abruptly, he realized what he had done. Holding onto her, he looked closely into her face.  Lara’s eyes had dilated in shocked arousal, and awareness hit him like a sledge hammer. He wasn’t the only one experiencing desire. She wanted him, too.

When her lip trembled again, Justin gave up worrying about the curse.  He forgot about the ship and the knowledge she was his enemy.  Standing before him was a beautiful, sexy woman, and he wanted her desperately… if only to see if her lips were as soft as they looked to be. Why wait any longer?

Without any more hesitation, he pulled her against him and bent his head. He slanted his mouth over hers with a voraciousness that made her gasp. Justin took immediate advantage of it, by thrusting his tongue between her lips to taste the sweetness he knew was within.

A groan rumbled up from his chest. He’d been right. She tasted of woman and sex and desire. Flavors he’d almost forgotten. Holding her tighter, he explored her secrets, instinctively wanting to know her in every way possible.


***end of excerpt***






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